💐 This was my first Mother's day owning a flower shop 💐

I was nervous, underwhelmed one day, and overwhelmed the next. Yet it was so inspiring!!! The love that people wanted to show the moms, grandmas, aunts, friends, sisters, bonus moms and so on truly warmed my heart. I got to hear their stories and it has been very meaningful. I made an arrangement for a blind Mom. Her daughter called and asked that the roses be very fragrant, she didn't care what color, just Fragrant so her Mom could feel and smell them. I guess I hesitated because she went on to explain that her mother saw with her hands. This spoke to my heart as at one time my Mother was going to school to be an interpreter for the deaf. Helping her study I learned enough sign language to by in conversation and this skill has definitely helped me over the years. I never thought I would be able to serve a family in this way, and it truly makes me appreciate the beauty in what I do! I took extra care to choose fragrant flowers, and greenery with lots of texture so this Mom could know she was loved and treasured!

Another call was an arrangement from an Mom, to her daughters Bonus Mom. To say thank you for taking such great care of her girls when they were in her home. The appreciation from one Mom to another was definitely endearing and again I felt blessed to receive that phone call, and thanked my new client for her thoughtfulness and wished her a Happy Mother's day as well!

A third message that stands out came late the eve of Mother's Day. I was actually getting ready for bed, and I responded to the message asking for a delivery, and what we had left. I promised to send pictures first thing in the morning, and set an alarm so I wouldn't forget! The morning of Mother's Day I did just that. The customer didn't respond until after my driver ( my husband) had already left for the morning. I told her as much and said she could pick it up anytime. She explained she lived in another town and hadn't sent anything for her Mom. I told her I would make it happen and deliver her arrangement personally on my way home! She was grateful! But I was crazy busy, so busy my OWN Mom had to come pick up her own flowers. I explained to her the rest of my day before I could visit her and the supper she was preparing for our family! She took that other Mom her flowers, so I could finish at the shop and get home to my family! That one act made 4 Mom's day! My customer was so happy, her mother who received the flowers was astonished, My Mom got to see the joy on the recipients face so happy to receive a box of flowers from her daughter far away! I got to get home early and hug my babies. WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!

In a time of such uncertainty in the world, these past few days have shown me that LOVE IS CERTAINLY important, real and deserves to be celebrated. I know its just flowers and many people think it is trivial. But from my perspective it is profoundly meaningful. I hope everyone gets something good out of this wonderful day, certain or uncertain. One thing is for sure we all need each other!!!

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