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Updated: Sep 6, 2020

A recent pole I conducted on our social media was a draw between pink and purple roses! While it's an old school notion for sure, send a girl red roses and she will think you love her!

But truth is colors provoke emotions and feelings, as do flowers in general, especially roses. So when planning on using roses, color matters, and I like to be nostalgic sometimes. Whether you are a newly engaged and planning your wedding or sending a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (from Rose Soiree, hint hint) to a friend or loved one the colors are important and symbolic!

So let's explore the meanings of rose color!

There are several species and sub species of roses, which can be further broken down into color categories. We can explore the history of variety of roses another day.

Today I am feeling lavender so that is where we will begin!

Shades of Purple are often seen as a color meant for royalty. Lavender roses are among the rarest rose colors, and carry an air of regality with them in my opinion. Lavender roses are a sign of love at first sight. This is truly a rose meant for someone you care deeply for, love at first sight or not. It is said to the perfect rose for a budding romance. Their symbolism is often tied to enchantment, wonder, splendor and mystery as well. There are about 15- 20 different varieties of lavender. My favorites to carry at Rose Soiree are Cool Water and Deep Purple. Oh yea, if you didn't know each different type of rose has it's own name!

A recent pole I conducted on our social media was a draw between pink and purple roses! The symbolism of a pink rose can convey many meanings depending upon the shade. A light pink rose sends a message of grace, gentleness and joy. While a brighter pink rose symbolizes elegance, refinement and femininity. There are dozens and dozens different tones of pink roses. No matter the shade it seems you cannot go wrong sending pink roses to any lady in your life.

Cherry Oh and Pink Mondial are among my favorite pink roses, well they are really all my favorites! No matter what shade you like there are so many occasions and loved ones to send pink roses too! There are many gracefully elegant joyfull women in the Corpus Christi area who would love a delivery from Rose Soiree!

White roses are often used for weddings as they represent purity, innocence and youthfulness. In medieval times qualities families paid handsome dowries for a bride with these attributes. A young bride would wear white and carry white roses hence why they are often referred to as bridal roses. In modern times this lovely pastime remains a tradition for many weddings. Pure white roses are actually very rare because of this many modern weddings use what I refer to as a shades of white pallete which can encompass white and ivory. If you are in a new relationship white roses can represent new beginnings, as well as young love. White roses can also symbolize eternal loyalty and everlasting love which is why they are so often used for sympathy arrangements to celebrate the life of a loved one that has passed on.

As they are so similar and can rarely be told apart when they are not side by side with a white rose or flower, lets use this time to further unravel the meaning of ivory roses. The meanings of the two also compliment each other as well. Ivory roses symbolically represent charm, (perhaps of a new beau) thoughtfulness, ( Ahh those first dates!) and gracefulness ,lends me images of a bride floating down the aisle. Roses in shades of ivory also represent richness and perfection. Ivory roses are great for letting someone know you care, with, or without romantic intentions. See other colors on great pairing options!

A red rose is the global symbolism of true love above all else. From the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, to the modern day reality show The Bachelor, giving a red rose has a pretty deep meaning. This meaning has been dated back to ancient Greece. In Grecian mythology the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite created the rose upon finding her true love Adonis.

Sending red roses for holiday like Valentine's Day can symbolize passion, desire, and romance. Making them a popular choice for romantic holidays such as Valentine's Day. They are also often used for proposals and anniversaries. However when a red rose is used in a wedding it is symbolic of bliss, respect and appreciation of your life partner. No matter the occasion there is no doubt behind the perception of the classic red rose! At Rose Soiree we carry them daily in many forms from the exotic garden rose, premium rose, to spray roses to make your arrangement one of a kind. Visit the shop or call us at Rose Soiree to order red roses for your love today.

Yellow roses look like sunshine and convey warmth and welcoming! Sending yellow roses is a friendly gesture and great for a get well arrangement for co-workers, or loved ones. Giving yellow roses to a friend is certain to brighten someone's day who needs a pick me up! They also represent good luck and remembrance.

In the Victorian Era, the yellow rose had a much different meaning, that of jealousy was associated with the yellow rose. Now the yellow rose represents, friendship, joy and caring. Yellow roses at a wedding will certainly make for a joyous celebration as they also represent gladness and affection. At Rose Soiree we offer yellow roses on a weekly basis and we would be delighted to make a beautiful arrangement for your loved ones.

Continuing on to the next, orange roses often represent fiery boldness and desire! Which makes orange roses also a good rose to mix with the red roses for special holidays like Valentine's Day. Can you say "Caliente!"

Fascination is another meaning behind orange roses , as well as admiration and excitement. This would be a good rose to send to someone to say "I am proud of you!" Perfect for graduation, recital or actors and actresses in your favorite local playhouse. If you're in need of feeling energized lately a bouquet of orange roses can give your home or workplace a burst of energy! These roses can range in variation from coral to salmon and convey the same message. Call ahead for curbside pick up or visit Rose Soiree today for our selection of roses, and build your own bouquet from our stem table!

There is no denying that green is the color of life and abundance. Green roses symbolize, bounty and fertility as well as life giving spirit. Green roses are very soft and pleasing in color and give off the feeling of balance, stability and peace. Giving roses to an expectant Mom, engaged couple or using them in a wedding can give good spirit to your loved ones! Traditionally green as a color is a symbol of envy , but that notion is not so for green roses.

Historically the first records of green roses tell us they were grown in the famed Forbidden City, and were the sole property of the emperor of 18th century China. Then in 1856, the British nursery Bembridge and Harrison introduced green roses to the public. While they are not as popular as red roses they are great for Holiday's like Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Christmas. You can definitely find these roses at Rose Soiree for these Holiday's or by special order!

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